Frequently Asked Questions

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We accept cars, RV's, motorcycles, boats and trailers.
We can accept most cars, running or not (exceptions include older cars whose value would not offset the cost of towing). To find out if we can accept your car donation, please call 1.877.77.Donate, or fill out the online donation form.
Yes! Even these cars have some value.
Even if it failed the emission test we will be happy to accept it.
We will arrange to pick up your vehicle at a time that is convenient for you.
You do not need to be at home. Simply clean the vehicle of any personal belongings and leave the cars keys and title under the dashboard.
We can sometimes pick up your car donations without a title. Call us at 1.877.77.DONATE to see whether we can pick up your car.
There is no charge, in fact, when you donate a car, you'll receive a tax deduction.
The average pickup time is 24-48 hours from your initial contact with us.
We service all 48 consecutive states.*
The IRS allows you to claim a tax write off of: a) The value of your vehicle up to $500. It is up to the donor to determine the fair market value. b) The amount we sell your vehicle for - if it is more than $500. For a more detailed overview on vehicle tax deductions, the IRS publishes a Donors Guide to Car Donation. is a classified 501(c)(3) charity organization. You will receive a tax benefit when you donate a vehicle. Check with your tax advisor or accountant to determine the amount of your benefit.